October 11, 2020


Massachusetts September Primary Election 2020 The Shiva 4 Senate campaign won the September 1, 2020 Republican Primary on a landslide.  The victory was stolen from the Working People of Massachusetts through blatant Election Fraud. This page provides the evidence. The video below provides a summary of the Shiva 4 Senate campaign’s journey in the September 1 Primary Election, its discovery …

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October 10, 2020


I’ve been suspended from Twitter for 7 days AGAIN for simply posting facts about #ElectionFraud. I AM a US Senate Candidate running for a Federal Office. My tweet said: What would YOU do if an election had: 1. More votes than voters 2. Ballot images for tabulating votes were destroyed; and, 3. The Elections Division of the State contacted Twitter …

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October 5, 2020

#FireFauci. #StopElectionFraud.

Earlier this year, you and 100,000 others signed the #FireFauci petition to expose fraud in science. President Trump listened, sidelined Fauci, and now the world knows the truth about Fauci and his connections to Big Pharma, China, Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton. From our collective efforts, WE Won! Now, it’s time to expose the SYSTEM that enables a fraud like …

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September 28, 2020

Only a Darkie Can Defeat Markey

On September 1, Dark Matter rose across Massachusetts to defeat Ed Markey. In response to our imminent landslide victory, Charlie Baker and his Democrat friends unleashed election fraud so their Designated Loser – a complete doofus – could steal the Primary Election from the working people of Massachusetts to ensure the Democrats stay in power. The State of Massachusetts, by …

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September 8, 2020


On September 1, the biggest Election Fraud in American history occurred in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate 2020 Republican Primary. A doofus – nowhere to be seen, no campaigning, no active volunteers, no brand equity, no organization got 60% to my 40% – across the board – in Black, Hispanic, and White neighborhoods! The Establishment had no choice but to commit …

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