I’ve been suspended from Twitter for 7 days AGAIN for simply posting facts about #ElectionFraud. I AM a US Senate Candidate running for a Federal Office. My tweet said:

What would YOU do if an election had:

1. More votes than voters

2. Ballot images for tabulating votes were destroyed; and,

3. The Elections Division of the State contacted Twitter to suspend a candidate for exposing 1 & 2

Twitter suspended me for that?! Just look at these 7 cities in which there are MORE votes than voters:

We DO NOT have REAL democracy. It’s controlled by the few for the few. And, now Technology makes it easier to consolidate power and steal elections.

Shiva 4 Senate won the September 1 Primary. Our landslide Victory was stolen from the Working People of Massachusetts through #ElectionFraud. This exclusive video by the famous SGT Report shares the facts:

We are neither sad nor stepping aside. We are now escalating our movement to a WRITE IN campaign for Shiva 4 Senate in the upcoming November 3 General Elections.

I need each of you to donate a minimum of $5 now, so we can buy TV and radio ads to make everyone aware of our WRITE IN campaign.

Anyone who donates $5 will receive the eBook System and Revolution and access to the software Your Body, Your System. Please donate now.

For those of you who can donate $50 or more, I will make available to you my Foundations of Systems Health 5-part course which also includes full access to the Systems Health portal. This is normally sold for $250.

We must raise $250,000 to purchase the necessary TV and radio advertisements to make our WRITE IN campaign successful.

Your support will make this possible, and allows me to provide you tools to understand the nature of ALL systems so YOU can confidently lead the fight, wherever you are.

Time to Fight.

Be the Light,

Scientist. Inventor. Educator. Fighter.

P.S. Let Twitter know you will not allow their attack on Democracy!