Harvard University exemplifies everything that is wrong with the American educational system, and represents the epicenter of a self-serving centralized power structure. My opponent in the race for the U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Warren, is a creature of that structure.

Elizabeth Warren got paid $350,000 per year for teaching just one course, in law, which doesn’t really require any skill or intellect. What is outrageous is that Harvard receives close to $1 billion in grants and even more in tax subsidies, taken from you — the hardworking American.

Real Indians, be it the Iroquois or those of ancient India, held sacred a time-honored principle: separation of powers. In ancient India, the political, financial, knowledge keeper, and producer institutions were kept separate to prevent “insider trading.”

Read the full op-ed piece by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai at The Taunton Gazette website.

  1. Fuck Warren says:

    I went to another law school other than Harvard and it is absolutely true that law professors make a lot of money doing very little work. They bitch about having to grade final exams at the end of the semester! There are some very accomplished scholars in legal academia, but there are far too many parasites sucking on students. Disproportionately so. Real, practicing lawyers laugh at law professors since we don’t consider them to be lawyers.

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