We have all heard about the word “Racism.” The Right thinks it is an excuse for those who cannot get ahead, and the Left uses it anywhere and everywhere possible. We cannot, however, sweep this issue under the rug. According to Gallup, next to the issue of Governance, the issue of Race is most important to all Americans.

The problem in America is that the discussion of Race has been monopolized by a few liberal elites at institutions like Harvard University. These elites, a vocal minority, are so enraged when they see the meme and the slogan on the side of our campaign bus.

Our meme and slogan has nothing to do with Race but about Integrity, about Truth vs. Lies. The Establishment in the media and universities attempts to brainwash us to think it is okay to cheat and lie, like Elizabeth Warren did to get her job at Harvard University by claiming she was Native American.

This same vocal minority, who object to our meme, are really upset because I, a dark-skinned, “low caste” legal immigrant dares to expose THEIR racism. Let me tell you what Racism is and why these White liberal apologists for Elizabeth Warren’s actions are also racists.

Racism is exploiting Race and/or creating war between races of people for one’s economic or political advancement. The architects of this racism are not You and I. They are the elites at Harvard University like Elizabeth Warren who profit from pitting Black against White, one race against the other, and never ever address the real enemy. The liberal elite of Massachusetts claim to be for inclusivity and diversity and equality. Yet, after many many decades, be it Republican or Democrat, the average net-worth of a Black person is $8. The net worth of a poor, White American is not even reported.

The media, Left or Right merely serves the Establishment to perpetuate the race war. The media on the “Right” blames Blacks for the problem. The media on the “Left” blames “Racist Whites” for the problem. They have set the standards of not using the N-word and changing names of buildings — purely ceremonial acts — as their merit badges of honor in fighting “Racism.”

The truth is that the condition today of poor Blacks and poor Whites in America is worse than before Civil Rights. The rich on Wall Street have gotten richer and those same elites have created a strata of dependent citizens, who do not work, who have no marketable skills and who are incentivized to get free stuff for the rest of their lives. Sandwiched between these two groups of leeches stand You and I, the working people, who are bullied into choosing “the lesser of two evils” in every election cycle. The choices we are given are lawyer-lobbyists, career-politicians, and/or insiders within both Establishment parties.

But, this election cycle, in the U.S. Senate 2018 race, you have a choice to choose an Independent, a champion, who will fight for you. You do not need to choose from the lesser of two evils. You do not need to sit on the sidelines and watch. You can participate. You can show your disgust at the lies and you can Declare Your Independence by volunteering for our campaign, donating whatever you can, or simply becoming a Road Warrior.

Order your Road Warrior Kit today and use your car as a political weapon. It is the most effective way for you to volunteer for our historic campaign. Just do it and join us.

Be the Light,

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