For far too long in American history, career politicians, Democrats and Republicans — the Establishment has exploited immigration. Both parties have their Deep State Swamp-Economy, or what I call the “Swampconomy” has profited from illegal immigration.

The Democrats have used illegal immigration to get illegal votes. The Republicans have used illegal immigration to artificially beef up corporate profits based on low-wage illegal labor. This is why Congress has never addressed illegal immigration. Career politicians get elected by never making the hard choices for the long-term interests of YOU, the American worker.

I am an immigrant — a legal immigrant. My father came to America first. We were separated from him for nearly a year. Then, my mom, my sister, and I arrived on December 5, 1970, We waited in line! Both my parents came here on merit-based immigration. My mother was a mathematician and my father was an engineer — they provided skills that America sorely needed.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai on Immigration Reforms

I am running as an Independent. Like President Trump, I have no loyalty to the Swamp of Democrats and Republicans. If you want real change, at a time when history provides a unique opportunity for YOU not to choose the “lesser of two evils,” then seize the day and support our campaign to defeat the Establishment.

I will be your fighter in Congress to make sure the other 99 Senators do their job, stay all night, if need be, stop taking vacations, and enforce the immigration policies that made this country great.

Hard work, excellence and commitment are what my parents and America taught me. YOU deserve the best and do not need to choose the lesser of two evils. Support our campaign by volunteering and becoming a Road Warrior. Simply place two magnetic signs on your car that have the slogan, “Only A Real Indian Can Defeat The Fake Indian,” to tell your fellow citizens that you too are tired of people like Elizabeth Warren, who cut in line, lie and cheat.

Be the Light,

  1. Alan Amirault says:

    At last, someone with an IQ above 90 running for Senate. Never thought I’d see it in my lifetime. You have my vote and support here on Cape Cod.

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