Shiva Ayyadurai, an entrepreneur who launched a challenge for U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s seat as a Republican before switching his party affiliation to independent, is seeking a preliminary injunction against the University of Massachusetts hoping to stop scheduled debates from which he says he is being blocked.

Ayyadurai filed a lawsuit last week against UMass, which is co-hosting a debate between Warren and her Republican opponent Geoff Diehl on Oct. 20. He alleged the university system was attempting to rig debates by keeping him from participating and, in doing so, violated his constitutional rights.

Read the full article at the Lowell Sun website.

  1. He should be allowed to be a participant in the debates since he is a candidate.

  2. Kurien Abraham Kodiattu says:

    Very Shameful & DISCRIMINATORY, that Dr. Shiva, has NOT been allowed into the DEBATES….
    What a “bannana republic”?

  3. Venkataraman Syamalam says:

    So much for the liberty! Am sure the establishment is trying hard to bring down the torch being held high by her majesty(Statue of Liberty). The America of the day seems to be worser than India! on account of the fake Indian not willing to face the real Indian! What’s happening to America! Elite U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’ probably has lost the lite! by not ordering for a fair debate and there by the right to be elected back!!!
    PS: France probably has started thinking of calling her back home!!! in line with their current rafale (rapid fire) thoughts on India in support of real Indian.

  4. Bob Sullivan says:

    UMass…you are supposed to be a marketplace of ideas and debate. Why is Dr. Shiva not part of the debate?

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