Why wasn’t independent candidate Shiva Ayyadurai invited to participate in a series of three Massachusetts U.S. Senate debates with Democrat incumbent Elizabeth Warren and Republican Geoff Diehl?

We just went through a 3rd Congressional District primary race with 10 Democrat candidates — some of whom never had a chance to win from the very beginning — but they were all respected for running and their views disseminated in dozens of stories published in this newspaper.

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  1. It’s strange how Massachusetts a liberal socialist state presents themself as a state for minority and women to be treated great if not better and strive as hard and far as anyone but when a real minority wants to be heard and does not fit the leftist democratic agenda or view points they try to silence you. Your never out of the fight! Keep going strong doctor.

  2. I find that is is politics as usual to try to exclude independents from having a a voice. Especially if the independent would have a real chance at winning if he or she was given equal access to the podium to tell their story. How they would represent the people of Massachusetts. What their viewpoint is on topical issues and how they might vote on those important issues once they got to the senate. I found that a Shiva for senate, Independent, road sign was taken down o Martha’s vineyard less than four hours of it being put up. It seems that people do not want anyone to go up against Elizabeth Warren, and, further, they do not even want anyone to know that there IS another choice on the ballot. Democrats apparently are quite willing to use dirty tricks in politics.

  3. Independent candidates, especially those who apply logic to politics, are a threat to the entire US political system and the special interest groups in control of the political process.

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