Even if President Trump stops calling her “Pocahontas,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren may be unable to silence the chatter over her dubious claims of Cherokee ancestry for at least the next year, thanks in part to someone whose Indian heritage isn’t in doubt.

Shiva Ayyadurai, a Bombay-born, MIT-educated entrepreneur running as an independent to unseat the Massachusetts Democrat, already is the early favorite for the November election’s catchiest campaign slogan: “Only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian.”

In June, he sent Ms. Warren a DNA testing kit for her birthday. She sent it back, but the exchange exploded on social media.

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  1. Scott Ebright says:

    I think Elizabeth Warren is a liberal lap piece of crap who’s a trader to this nation in a trader to all Americans in especially Indians

  2. Michael McNeil says:

    I love that shiva sent her a D.N.A. kit. I got one done because my last name was questionable and I have a daughter, so I questioned my heritage, I got it done through Ancestry. My brother got it done and he loved it.

  3. It’s great to see another intelligent human who just happens to share the same name as me. There are so many ways that Lizzy can be embarrassed and proven to be a fraud by just comparing all the rest of Americans DNA. If we look at Lizzy’s 1/ 556th percent of Native American blood 10 generations ago, then by the same logic, should apply to any white person applies for black minority perks with affirmative action. Imagine the outcry if thousands of white people start applying for government benefits and perks and scholarships and loans designed exclusively for blacks. Even if their skin is white and you have to go back 10 generations or more, they can legally claim they are “black” if their DNA has at least 1/ 556th black genes. So this must be made more public, despite the propagandized news media that completely ignores any mention of Lizzy’s deception.

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