In an important battle not just for himself but for First Amendment supporters all over America Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai was given a historic victory. This victory will hopefully become one of many that serves as a historic precedent in protecting your First Amendment rights as well as my own. This important monumental battle over the First Amendment started over a month ago when the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts fired the first shot. On April 5 of this year the city threatened to fine Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai 300 dollars a day if he did not remove his campaign slogan from his bus. The slogan that can be seen upon his campaign bus reads, “Only a Real Indian Can Defeat the Fake Indian.” Along with the slogan itself one would see a picture of Elizabeth Warren wearing a Native-American headdress. For those of you who do not know the slogan that Dr. Shiva has chosen to run with is in reference to his opponent, Elizabeth Warren. We have seen throughout history examples of people being bullied by the Democrats. This time they tried to bully the wrong person.

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  1. Dorothy R. Heard says:

    My name is Dottie Heard.I have two doctors from India.I admire their work ethics.Both are credited with making this 78 year old lady very healthy.
    I wish I could champagne for you.
    Living in Tennessee makes this impossiable.You are in my prayers.Our Country will be honored with your victory.

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