Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays to You and Your Family!

As the New Year dawns upon us, I wish you all my best for a prosperous 2018. We are at a incredible time in history where now, more than ever, anything is possible. You and I together can create infinite opportunites for ourselves by recognizing that life is ultimately a journey for Illumination that demands we exercise our Independence to Know the Truth, Be the Light, and Find Your Way by using our rational mind and innate talents with uncompromising Integrity, hard work and commitment to Innovate real solutions that serve our communities by Integrating the best ideas from “left” & “right”, east & west, science & tradition, ancient & modern.

As my special holiday gift to you, I want to offer you a FREE copy (exclusive of the cost of shipping and handling) of my book System and Revolution which I believe will help you in that journey.

This book will teach you what is a System, what is Revolution and how you can use these foundational concepts to know the world around you as well as your own body as a system to achieve the health and well-being YOU deserve.

Be the Light,

  1. I’d love a copy… I’m a friend of Venu Julapalli, and I introduced Venu to my friend BobCampbell. I live in Bucks County PA, where we have the Bucks Biotech center,( and are surrounded by pharma companies (Merck, J and J, Hoffman LaRoche) . Would Dr AyyaDurai consider coming to Bucks county for a fundraiser? I have a bunch of connections, including a DJT Pa State director who would be interested in connecting. The safe harbor repeal needs to happen. Shine some light on the $ senator Casey of Pa accepts from GPO/PBM!!! thanks for all you do, and for the book!!!

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