“I Know I Can Defeat Elizabeth Warren in 2018 Race.” That was the headline of the incredibly popular FOX Business News interview that I just did with Stuart Varney. Over 1000 other small and large media outlets picked up the interview.

Shiva 4 Senate on Fox Business Network

There, however, appears to be an organized effort, from within our own party, to dish up self-serving candidates who have ZERO chance of defeating the Fake Indian. In collusion with Boston Globe, The Herald, WRKO and The Howie Carr Show, my campaign receives little to no visibility LOCALLY. But NATIONALLY, we get fair and well-deserved coverage.

This deliberate effort of blocking visibility of our campaign to Massachusetts citizens is outrageous. The intent is either to keep Warren in power or to serve the personal interests of career politicians, political consultants and media hacks who want to exploit the righteous anger we all have for Elizabeth Warren, to just make a buck.

I know I am the only one who can defeat the lying, lawyer-lobbyist Elizabeth Warren. The question is: Do YOU want to defeat her?

My parents and I came here as “low-caste,” “Untouchables” and “Deplorables,” leaving the oppressive caste system of India. I went through the public school system, invented the world’s first email system at the age of 14, earned 4 degrees at MIT, including my PhD, started 7 companies providing many jobs in Massachusetts. By supporting our campaign, you are fighting for the American Dream.

A young Shiva Ayyadurai when he arrived in America

I stand for Winning the Future for You by SOLVING PROBLEMS. I will use my God-given gifts to deliver Massachusetts REAL JOBS, REAL EDUCATION and REAL HEALTH while ensuring we have Clean Air, Clean Food and Clean Government.

If you truly love this country, and are tired of all the BS, and want someone who is brilliant and accomplished, can solve problems, has a history of creating jobs, and loves America, you MUST support my campaign. Because, only a REAL INDIAN CAN DEFEAT THE FAKE INDIAN.

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  1. Jim Fitzgerald says:

    I have been perplexed by the lack of discussion about cultivating India as a staunch ally and partner. I am withholding financial support for Shiva until I can discern whether or not this will be a viable campaign. I am also excited that he has launched his campaign. I want to see if the media and democrats begin an attack on him, but sets aside its drumbeat against xenophobia and proves just who they are. I will be watching the campaign from afar since I live in Florida district 18. I am Irish by the way and have no allegiance to a particular ethnicity, but am sickened by the way the democrats divide us and engage in identity politics. If I were ever interviewed for example, I would not use the term “white working class voters”, but would instead refer to “working class voters.” The former phrase is an insult to all of the minority workers who carry a lunch pail and presupposes their allegiance to the Democrat party. Trump broke through the barriers to this group.

  2. Shiva your message and life is inspiring!!!

    I will spread the word and will help as much as I can from Miami Beach Florida

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