He is Shiva, the “real” Indian.

He is a 53-year-old Republican entrepreneur from Belmont with four degrees from MIT, and he is running for the U.S. Senate.

Born in India, V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai — known as Shiva — has already made news by challenging incumbent Democrat U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren to take a DNA test to prove her alleged American (Cherokee) Indian background.

Read the full article in the Lowell Sun website.

  1. Gerald Witte says:

    Excellent to finally know these pseudo intellectuals are being reminded they are not truly America’s intellectual elite. I doubt if they could apply algebraic solutions to the econometric models, much less the analytical theories of calculus. America needs her top minds to accept roles in leadership as well. The time of pretending a self serving victim argument is all pariahs of greed can offer the American people needs to end; no apologies necessary. Our generation has answered the call of civil rights. Now the time is to come together and build and strive for us all ; not just some scam artists who tout their own fallacies as get rich quick schemes .

  2. I am not from Massachusetts I live in Maryland I heard you on the radio I am a believer of integrative medicine
    there have been modalities for 1000’s of years on the planet yet they are not considered because of the strangle hold the drug companies have on mainstream biological medicine which should only be used in crisis-
    to reduce cost on healthcare all modalities that Cure/Heal should be given to those who rather use healthcare credits to take care of their health through homeopathy, herbs, ayreduvic, Chinese medicine, etc to cure the dis-ease in the body

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