One of the hallmarks of being an American is our freedom to choose. For far too long, we have been told that our only choice is “Lesser of Two Evils.”

Massachusetts is not a Blue State or a Red State, it is an Independent State. Over 51% of you are Independent, not Republican or not Democrat. Moreover, if you have chosen to be a Republican or Democrat, that too is one of the great freedoms of America. But, we owe nothing to the Republican or Democratic parties, the machines that profit from career politicians and lawyer-lobbyists who help to perpetuate their own machinery.

Declare Your Independence!

Harvard University, unfortunately, is one institution that is part of that machinery, which breeds a mystique of prestige to make us believe that we should be dependent on their experts, their academic thinking, because they know better than You or I. Elizabeth Warren, Charlie Baker, Mitt Romney (Harvard Alumni & Faculty) by the way, think they know better than you.

The truth is Harvard is a $40 billion hedge fund, which happens to have a small university side business. In this video, my dear 85-year old father, an American and Tamil elder, calls out Elizabeth Warren and Harvard University. It is a must watch video.

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It is wrong for Harvard University to take pennies, nickels and dimes from third world children to create a $6 million professorship at Harvard. These are the indigenous people of India that Harvard is exploiting. Elizabeth Warren exploited the indigenous people of the Americas to get her job at Harvard. Seems like Harvard has a pattern of cultural misappropriation.

The bigger story here is Elizabeth Warren is part of the military-industrial-academic complex. President Eisenhower and Senator Fulbright both warned the American people about this. Warren is part of all three elements of this complex. She is funded by the academic complex led by Harvard and its $40 billion hedge fund which ensures wealthy donors get preferential treatment for their kids. She is part of the industrial complex led by companies such as Monsanto that poisons our children. Let us not forget that Warren voted for the Monsanto Protection Act. She is part of the war machine that is NOT about protecting our borders and freedom, but ensures profits for defense contractors and the likes of Hillary Clinton who get us into wars that need their weapons.

Unlike Elizabeth Warren, who is a lawyer-lobbyist, I am an inventor-scientist. I have fought my whole life against corruption, fought for the American worker, and against the fake science of companies like Monsanto. Now, I am here to fight for you. I am the only one committed to defeating Elizabeth Warren. She is not only a Fake Indian but a Fake Fighter. She needs to go. I am the only one who can go toe to toe against her and defeat her. But, I cannot do it without YOU. Join Us!

Declare Your Independence,