Yesterday, WE made history in two ways. First, the world knows that in me, you have a fighter who will stand up for your rights and take a hit for you and America, to defend your rights and stand up for the truth. As many of you know by now, I was assaulted by a white liberal racist while speaking in front of an Elizabeth Warren Town Hall gathering. The assailant was arrested for assault and battery and disorderly conduct. However, Elizabeth Warren has yet to disavow this racism and violence.

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Second, yesterday, the incredible sacrifice and hard work of our volunteer base made it possible for us to get on the ballot. We collectively did it without ANY party, ANY insider political hack network, or using ANY paid signature companies.

Nearly everyone thought this would be impossible. The brainwashing is that it’s unheard of to get 10,000+ signatures by novices with no political experience.

What those people have forgotten is what it means to be American: you roll up your sleeves, you set ambitious goals, you SHOW UP, you commit, you work hard, you never give up, and you DO THE IMPOSSIBLE.

That is the Spirit of AMERICA.

That is the slogan of our State, and WE, YOU, this campaign embodies that. And, THAT SPIRIT is what is the soul of this campaign. THAT SPIRIT is what fueled our Founders and Patriots who sacrificed, shed their blood, to create this country — America.

We collected every signature ourselves based on our message. This is a real grassroots movement and our success is a real threat to the Establishment. My opponent, Elizabeth Warren has voted for the Monsanto Protection Act, lobbied the Defense Secretary to procure defective equipment of the War Industry, and held secret meetings with Wall Street honchos.

The Republican Party is considered irrelevant in Massachusetts and has lost support as the leaders of the party typically concede the seat without putting up a real fight and their strategists mark the seat as a “safe blue seat.” In contrast, I have emerged as the only challenger who can defeat Elizabeth Warren. We are on the path to victory to oust the Fake Indian who is the real racist.

Our grassroots campaign is growing explosively. Be a part of the winning team. You can help in many ways. You can donate whatever you can afford. You can volunteer. Or, you can become a Road Warrior and use your car as a political weapon to support our grassroots campaign. Join us!

Be the Light,

  1. These racists punks are bonkers!! I’m glad to see Cambridge PD stepping in and arresting the correct person.

    Don’t stop speaking truth to power!! I am on your side. God bless.

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