CAMBRIDGE, MA (July 23, 2018) – An Elizabeth Warren supporter was handcuffed and arrested for violently assaulting Independent U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. The man came from across the street and was getting ready to attack Dr. Ayyadurai with an umbrella. Dr. Ayyadurai had peaceably assembled with his supporters across the road from Mahawai Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington where Elizabeth Warren was scheduled to speak. Dr. Ayyadurai was speaking into his megaphone when the attacker approached him. He then lunged at Dr. Ayyadurai and smashed the megaphone into Dr. Ayyadurai’s face. Dr. Ayyadurai was bleeding and his lips were swollen as a result of this attack. The attacker was immediately subdued, handcuffed and arrested, and charged with assault and battery and disturbing the peace.

Dr. Ayyadurai implored Elizabeth Warren to disavow herself from this hate crime.

The entire episode was captured on video which can be seen below.

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