This week’s podcast is on Climate Change and I provide a deep dive from the science to the politics of it. Our upcoming Systems Thinking Workshop on Saturday, March 30, 2019 between 10am to 2pm will feature Banking as a System. We will analyze Banking as a System to find problems associated with the current model and discover a Real Solution. You are welcome to join us LIVE in Cambridge or online. This 4-hour Systems Thinking workshop is a public service.

In the fifth episode in SHIVA Be The Light podcast series, you will learn what the current “debate” on Climate Change is from a scientific perspective and understand the importance of why FREEDOM to question and debate is central for science to succeed in discovering TRUTH, to identify real problems to help us innovate real solution for the HEALTH of our body, our planet and the world.

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Be the Light,

P.S. As I have shared before, I believe we need to move beyond “Left” and “Right.” Systems Thinking will provide you a framework to make sense of complex systems, issues and news stories to discover Truth and Real Solutions that you and your family deserve.