As a lifelong green activist, accomplished scientist, and fighter for social justice, I am thrilled with the heightened awareness and renewed passion created by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) for climate change and the Green New Deal. As important as passion is, the science will also be important to get everyday people onboard, given the sacrifices and additional costs the Green New Deal will require. Therefore, I have organized scientists to provide the much-needed scientific support for AOC and the Green New Deal, which they deserve to get all of us behind it. Specifically, we will investigate the science and monitor the computer models, which are the underpinnings of the urgency to act.

The Gold Standard in science is the scientific method, which informs us that a prediction must be compared with reality. If the predictions match, the science is right. If they do not match, the science is wrong. My “#ShowMeTheHeat and I’ll Give You GREEN,” pledges $100 Million to AOC and the Green New Deal if the predicted Temperature Anomaly of 2.4 C is achieved now or by November 3, 2020. NASA’s site which tracks the Temperature Anomaly will be used as the source of measurement. Currently, NASA measures this Temperature Anomaly at 0.8 C, not the predicted 2.4 C, as it should be as of today. The website ClimateCountDown2020.Com and ShowMeTheHeat.Com will provide updates and track progress.

As an independent thinker and anti-Establishment activist, I have not been shy about my support for President Donald J. Trump, a disrupter of the current political elite. Similarly, I support the disruptive and anti-Establishment passion of AOC, and this pledge of $100 Million seeks to match her passion with science.