Shiva M.I.T. PhD for U.S. Senate

Health is a topic that I am extremely passionate about. Career politicians neither know “Health” nor “Care.” Real Healthcare occurs when it is personalized for the individual: the right care for the right person at the right time. This can only happen by providing real choice and removing the corrupt middlemen.

I believe that vaccination is an issue that affects all of us, as individuals and as parents. The vaccine discourse is really about the need for real risk assessment, the need for application of the scientific method to be the basis of rational discourse, and listening to the mothers who have witnessed injury.

The real danger is in assuming that vaccines have done more good than harm while we do not actually know that to be true. Assuming that is magical thinking – not science. The people we trust to do science are not doing science.

I am not a career politician. I do not need the “job” of a U.S. Senator. I have worked hard all my life to become an accomplished scientist, an award-winning inventor, and a proven fighter dedicated to exposing the truth. For me, as an immigrant who came to America with nothing, I feel an immense sense of duty and obligation to serve You and America, the nation that has offered me so many opportunities.

Let’s Make America Healthy Again. I cannot do it alone. Join our movement. Feel free to donate what you can, sign up for our mailing list, and/or volunteer to be part of our campaign.

Warmest regards,

Inventor of Email | MIT PhD | Health Crusader