Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s U.S. Senate Campaign Raises Over $1.2 Million for Third-Quarter 2017

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s U.S. Senate campaign received a massive infusion of contributions and growth in volunteers for third-quarter 2017.

According to the FEC filing for the third-quarter ending September 30, 2017, the Shiva 4 Senate campaign received net contributions of $1,210,710. These contributions will enable the organizing of its growing pool of nearly 5,000 volunteers across Massachusetts.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai said, “This success reflects that our message for Real Health, Real Jobs, Real Education delivered by someone, who has 4 degrees from MIT and has started 7 companies in Massachusetts, during a lifetime of solving real problems, while consistently innovating and actually creating jobs through science and engineering, is resonating among the working people of Massachusetts. They are sick and tired of career politicians, their cronies, and the Establishment of Democrats and Republicans, who do nothing but scheme to keep outsiders out, and collude with media to get elected and re-elected. The innovative infrastructure we are putting in place, made possible from these contributions, will make this a historic campaign for everyday people to have their voices heard while inspiring them to be citizen-statesman as the Founders of America truly intended.”

Any press inquiries can be directed via email to or via phone to 1-617-500-9441.