A Massachusetts Senate candidate is fighting an effort by city officials in Cambridge, home of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, to take down prominent anti-Warren campaign signs calling the Democrat a “fake Indian.”

Shiva Ayyadurai, an independent challenging Ms. Warren’s 2018 re-election bid, filed a federal lawsuit Sunday accusing the city of free-speech violations after he was told to remove two identical signs showing the Democrat in an Indian headdress with the slogan “Only a real Indian can defeat the fake Indian.”

“This is a political vendetta by City officials who are supporters of Elizabeth Warren,” said Mr. Ayyadurai, who was born in Bombay, India.

Read the full article at the Washington Times website.

  1. Joann Joyce says:

    I heard you on Alex Jones and appreciate information given to us. My husband and I love history of different countries from anyone and everyone that is the truth. We both agree with what you have said and appreciate new information that we didn’t know about. The question we have is we would like to get a magnetic sign of the same sign on your bus and we would like to parade it around in our car and we would probably parade downtown in Cambridge and all over the north shore. Please let us know how we can get it so we can volunteer our efforts to show this in our area. We have been impressed with yourwith your ideas and thoughts. We know you will make a great senator. We have already shared your interview with Alex Jones to many people as we can do here to share our support of you. Iwe would like to as much as we can in this area with the magnetic signs. We do t have that much money but we will do as much as we can for your campaign. My husband works in the Bedford hospital and he can travel around that area with the sign. On the weekends we go to different places all the time and we are not shy in speaking our opinions.
    Thanks Jo Ann and Arthur Joyce
    14 Congress St
    Lynn MA 01904.
    We would put a sign in our front lawn as well. I do t know what we can do over here

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