Just to let you know, I will be speaking at an International Symposium on Masks and Oral Health. I will be sharing scientific data on linkages between mask wearing and periodontal disease.

Some of you wanted me to keep you posted on my scientific lectures on topics like masks and the Immune System. To find out more about the symposium and how to attend via Zoom, please click here: https://bit.ly/35brWK4

In addition, I represented myself in Federal Court facing three lawyers to deliver a victory for Political Speech. Federal Judge Mark L. Wolf ORDERED Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Galvin to NOT COMPLAIN to Twitter to suppress my tweets during my U.S. SENATE campaign. Below is the order that the Judge issued:

Our movement for Truth Freedom Health to stop election fraud is escalating. I just filed a NEW lawsuit exposing conspiracy between Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin AND National Association of State Election Directors to conceal destruction of #BallotImages in violation of Federal Law. Click on the image below to view the lawsuit & hearing transcript. Enjoy!

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