There are three people on the ballot for U.S. Senate: myself, the Fake Indian and now, a MA GOP Fake Trumper. The Fake Indian, the MA GOP and the Fake News media have colluded to keep me off the debate stage.

Does this seem right to YOU?

They do not want YOU to have real freedom of choice. They do not want YOU to have a diversity of ideas. They seek to limit Free Speech and discourse to the same old issues: raise taxes or lower taxes, gay rights or transgender bathrooms, etc. They don’t want YOU to find solutions to REAL ISSUES: the violation of Free Speech by companies like Google and Facebook, the destruction of our food supply by companies such as Monsanto, the collusion between Big Pharma, Big Hospitals and Big Insurance to bankrupt our economy, etc.

YOU deserve the America that our founders envisioned — one based on rule of law and meritocracy, where the best rise to the top. YOU do not deserve career politicians and lawyer-lobbyists who squeeze the working people. YOU deserve someone like myself who emobodies the Spirit of America. YOU do not need to choose between the “lesser of two evils.”

YOU deserve to be on that debate stage. You THINK Independent. Now, ACT Independent. Demand #LetShivaDebate.

Express your righteous anger against this corruption and join us tomorrow Saturday, September 29 at City Hall, 536 Dwight St in Holyoke, MA at 12:30 pm where we will hold a RALLY before the Fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren’s bogus Town Hall meeting.

You can meet us 9:00 am at 701 Concord Avenue in Cambridge to join our Road Warrior caravan with our bus as we travel to Holyoke. Or, you can meet us at Worcester Town Hall, 455 Main St, Worcester, MA at 10:45 am where we will pick up other Road Warriors on the way to the RALLY in Holyoke.

The RALLY will be on the steps of the City Hall, 536 Dwight St in Holyoke, MA at 12:30 pm.

It’s time for Real Change. It’s time for YOU to act.

Thank you for your incredible support. If you cannot make it to the RALLY, become a Road Warrior (by getting 2 magnetic signs for your car) or a Home Warrior (by getting a lawn sign) to inspire people that you want a real agent of change, a Real Fighter, a Real Indian.

Be the Light,

P.S. If you cannot afford a Road Warrior or Home Warrior Kit, please call us at 1-617-500-9441 to make arrangements to pick up a Road Warrior or Home Warrior Kit at one of our office locations.