A potential political rival to Elizabeth Warren has challenged the incumbent U.S. senator on social media to take a simple DNA test.

V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D., is describing it as the real Indian vs. the fake Indian challenge.

Ayyadurai is seeking the GOP nomination in Massachusetts to run against Democrat Warren in 2018.

Read the full article on the Inquisitr website.

  1. I’ll be donating every 2 weeks( my pay period) to help Shiva defeat” Pocahantas”Warren! I’ll donate what I can to help you WIN! Thank God she may be OUT! Thank you, Shiva and God bless YOU and God bless America! Sincerely, Kenneth J Savoy from Texas…

    • s4sweb says:

      My deep felt thanks for the effort. Together, we will defeat Pocahontas

  2. Thomas Burke says:

    I’m excited for the first time in many years. Dr. Shiva’s message needs to get national coverage NOW !!!

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