My journey to the American Dream went through three phases: Immigration, Education, Innovation. That journey provides me insight, beyond what many career politicians know. All of us, are ultimately either direct immigrants or children of immigrants. There are some fundamental principles that bridge our understanding as Americans and as immigrants. In this video below, that I did following President Trump’s State of the Union address, I provide you my perspective on those principles.

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Today, there is a divisive environment on the issue of immigration. However, if we all recognize that two of the fundamental principles of immigration are that it be legal and merit based, then that divisiveness need not exist. My parents and I came here legally. In fact, my father came here first, and then my mom, my sister and I had to wait for nearly a year before we could come. We “waited in line.” That is the American way, you wait your turn.

People like Elizabeth Warren, however, believe it is okay to cut in line. She cut in line when she lied about being a Native American in order to get a cozy position at Harvard.

The second principle about immigration, which we can also agree on is meritocracy. Up until 1965, a substantial portion of immigration was based on merit. My parents had to submit their college records, reference letters, job employment history in order to show that they were qualified to enter this great nation. Only after that, were they even considered for immigration (legal). After 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson accelerated a policy of non-merit based immigration.

For me, immigration is quite simple. It needs to be legal and any one immigrating here should be able to contribute to the advancement of this country. I came here with nothing, went through the public school systems of New Jersey and earned four degrees at M.I.T. I was always compelled by my parents’ example, to give back. That’s what motivated me to start seven companies and produce jobs for the people of Massachusetts. That’s why I wish to serve the people of Massachusetts as its next U.S. Senator.

Like you, I have not cut in line. I have worked myself from the bottom up. I am one of you: a Real Businessman, a Real Indian, and above all a Real American. I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DEFEAT ELIZABETH WARREN, BUT I CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU. Please join me.

Declare Your Independence,