A New York man who shoved a megaphone into the mouth of a U.S. Senate candidate last month has been fined and placed on probation for his role in the incident.

Paul Solovay, 74, of Hillsdale, also will have to complete anger management classes as part of the sentence handed down Thursday by Judge Paul Vrabel in Southern Berkshire District Court.

The candidate, Shiva Ayyadurai, suffered a bloody lip in the exchange July 22 outside the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center before a town hall hosted by U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Ayyadurai said two of his teeth were chipped.

Read the full article at The Berkshire Eagle website.

  1. Valerie Rensky says:

    Wow! I hadn’t heard about the whole incident until I stumbled on it now due to being out of the country a couple weeks but glad the judge made the decision he did. It’s very true usually first time offenders just get a c.w.a.f. or a dismissal. With the way the country is so divided, and how racism along with violence seems to be happening more and more just for having differing opinions,especially concerning anything political keeps playing more and more of a part as well. I definitely agree 100% with circumstances like this ,even first time offenders, must get some sort of reprimand and not just a slap on the wrist and don’t do it again attitude. That obviously doesn’t get anyone anywhere. nobody learns anything and situations like this get worse and more frequent. Hopefully the defendant along with the rest of the public truly learns and applies the lesson to be learned here. I volunteered once handing out flyers trying to get Shiva on the ballot. I’m Frank Licata’s friend Valerie Rensky and wanted to let you all know at his campaign that I’m still in support of Shiva for Senate!

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