So, what’s it going to take for Republicans to unseat a full-term Democratic U.S. senator in this state, where the GOP seems only to have success electing governors?

Can it be accomplished by sending a tried-and-true member of the minority party to take on the Democratic establishment?

Or is it time for an unconventional candidate — during the term of an unconventional Republican president — to upstage politics as usual and give Massachusetts some semblance of a two-party system?

That time could be now. And that person could be Shiva Ayyadurai.

Read the full article on the Lowell Sun website.

  1. I could use a list of Massachusetts Twitter users/handles to help promote the Shiva campaign from my state. My mother in law lives in Gloucester — need to get a campaign project going to identify and switch possible Democrat defectors to the GOP voter registration list

  2. David Brouwer says:

    My family roots run deep in Massachusetts. Both of my parents were born and raised in Massachusetts. I have spent much time in Springfield, East LongMeadow, North Attleboro, Plainfield, Buzzard’s Bay, Waquoit, Rehobeth, Hyannis and other fine towns in Massachusetts. Both my parents graduated from Bridgewater State. My father and all my grandparents are buried in Massachusetts. My grandfather was ever so proud that when I was first old enough to vote, I became a Republican so that his vote and mine would now more than cancel out my father’s Democrat vote.
    I have never understood why so many horrendously liberal politicians came from Mass and my former home state of CT. I have not resided in New England since 1776 but I avidly follow the congressional politics of the land of my youth.
    I applaud you on your campaign and enjoyed reading of your all so clever “gift” to Fauxcohontas.
    I look forward to your campaign and will support you in ways that can be supported by my meager budget. I truly feel that your race will be on of the most important and most influential of the 2018 election.
    My best wishes and prayers for your success go out to you.

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