Futurizing Our Infrastructure To Deliver Real Solutions for Real Problems

Our ENEMY is corruption – driven by the interests of Power Profit Control – which is incapable of providing the modern infrastructure necessary for Real Solutions to Real Problems. Only a REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT can destroy that enemy to WIN YOUR FUTURE for Truth Freedom Health. SHIVA 4 SENATE is leading that Revolutionary Movement. Join US! Shiva4Senate.Com.

– Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D.

Infrastructure IS the Foundation for Real Solutions – Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. Today, infrastructure includes many foundational systems not only the transportation system of roads, bridges, highways but also the complex technologies that operate our electrical grids, healthcare, educational, scientific, research, networking, and digital systems necessary for our survival and advancement.

Humankind’s great advances were always coupled with advances in our infrastructure. Such advances were simply not given to us but the result of We The People rising up. Let’s never forget it was the revolutionary movements of American workers during the late 1800’s to 1900’s that delivered us the public health infrastructures of sanitation, hygiene, electricity, food transportation, refrigeration, elimination of child labor, and nutrition. That infrastructure is what reduced the death rate for all infectious diseases long before the introduction of vaccines. The U.S. mortality rate for measles alone was reduced by 97% before the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1963.

2020 Dystopia: A Decaying Infrastructure Fueled by Corruption – Where are we today? Consider a place like Massachusetts, home to M.I.T. – the world’s #1 science and engineering institution (and where I earned 4 MIT degrees including my PhD). Shouldn’t MA have futuristic infrastructure given its access to world-class engineering talent? Unfortunately, the answer is a BIG NO.

Massachusetts received an “F” from the American Society of Civil Engineers for its infrastructure. In fact, MA got a BIG FAT “F” (123/350) – making MA decaying roads, highways, mass transit, bridges, and water systems, the third worst infrastructure in America.

One doesn’t need an MIT degree to find the answer: CORRUPTION. The Center for Public Integrity gave MA a “D+” for integrity (down from a “C” rating in 2012) – making MA the 11th most corrupt state in America. MA’s politicians: executive, legislative and judicial branches got D’s & F’s for Public Access to Information, Judicial Accountability, and Lobbying Disclosure. Here’s a snapshot of that report card scores in the individual areas:

The Career Politician: #1 Enemy of the People – There’s a 1-to-1 relationship between corruption and infrastructure. The career politician has zero interest either in destroying corruption or in investing in infrastructure. Corruption is their lifeblood. Without it they never get elected or re-elected. Why? Because the career politician enters politics to make their career – their millions – and/or to buy and peddle influence in perpetuity.

This means, the day they enter office, they are running to get re-elected. Just look at any Congressman or Senator’s workday schedule. About 90% of their day is spent raising money for their re-election. Now, consider the U.S. budget of about $4 Trillion, and its allocation as having three (3) Buckets:

  1. Equity: welfare, Medicare, food stamps – “free stuff;”
  2. Security: police, military, border control, immigration;
  3. Infrastructure: transportation, electrical, digital, educational, research, and healthcare systems.

Which Bucket does the career politician vote ‘YEA’ on to allocate your tax dollars? Most of the time: Bucket #1 – free stuff (and sometimes Bucket #2). It’s the sure way to get re-elected – play the SHORT GAME – by giving away things. Rarely do they vote ‘YEA’ to invest in infrastructure – for THE LONG GAME. Furthermore, any funded infrastructure project takes an average of 10 years to start. But in authoritarian regimes like China and Singapore or even in democratic societies like Germany and Canada, it takes 2 years or less. America’s infrastructure now lags in the 20th century while China’s advances rapidly into the 23rd. This is THE National Security issue of our time.

How Corruption Destroys Truth Freedom Health – The system of corruption consolidates Power Profit Control for the few, and destroys Truth, Freedom Health by: 1. Choking Freedom of Speech, debate, and discourse to inhibit the Scientific Method – the way to uncover Truth. 2. Suffocating Truth by hijacking the Scientific Method with “Scientific Consensus” so the Real Problem and the Real Solution for any issue, be it “climate change,” immigration, gun violence, vaccine choice, healthcare, education, are never identified; and, 3. Annihilating Health of our body, our environment, and our society by using Fake News to hype a Fake Problem to impose a Fake Solution. Choking Freedom ensures Truth remains hidden, resulting in us never knowing the Real Problem and innovating a Real Solution for the Health our body, our environment and our society.

What Is To Be Done – First, let’s learn from history and build a revolutionary movement by working people to rise up against our common enemy – the forces of Power, Profit and Control – so we may advance Truth Freedom Health – for ALL. Second, if we participate in the electoral process, let’s elect people who will support such a movement and those who do not need to be a politician. They must already have a real job before entering politics – ready to SERVE YOU, and ready to leave, … after ONE TERM!

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – I’m not a career politician. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a lobbyist. I’m a scientist, inventor, educator, and entrepreneur. More importantly, I’m a fighter. My family and I left India in 1970 to escape the deplorable caste system that considered us Untouchables. The fact my parents got educated and made it out of India is one in a trillion. As a child, I was grateful to America and worked hard – real hard – as a working class kid growing up in New Jersey where I learned to mow lawns, paint homes, play baseball, do carpentry, and program software.

I’ve been working since the age of 14 – in the trenches -building technologies to futurize our infrastructure. In 1978, as a 14-year-old kid in Newark, I invented email – the system we all experience today – when I wrote 50,000 lines of software code to convert the infrastructure of the old-fashioned interoffice paper-based mail system into its electronic equivalent, which I named “EMAIL.” In 1982, I received the first U.S. Copyright legally recognizing me as the inventor of email at a time when Copyright was the only way to protect software inventions. I invented email before coming to MIT.

During and after attending MIT, I created six other companies to deliver infrastructure like EchoMail, which provided the AI infrastructure to enable intelligent customer service for Global 2000 enterprises. More recently, my PhD work at MIT resulted in CytoSolve – a revolutionary computational biology infrastructure to enable the discovery of new medicines faster, cheaper and safer while eliminating animal testing. My personal experience informs me there are a lot of smart people in the world; however, the lack of infrastructure wastes precious human capital. I was smart and worked hard, but I was also very lucky to get exposed to great mentors and infrastructure enabling me to create and contribute.

Dr.SHIVA’s PLATFORM for US SENATE – I’m running for the U.S. Senate to give back to America – a country and people that have given me so much. My platform has five key components. First, I will serve only ONE TERM. This means I will dedicate 100% of my time for you not just 10%, giving you the equivalent of a Senator serving FIVE TERMS! Second, to address the decaying physical infrastructure, I will sponsor and support legislation to eliminate the corrupt red tape so as to reduce the starting of infrastructure projects from 10 years to 2 years. Third, for Truth to prosper, we need to revamp the insider trading in the allocation of your tax dollars to Federal Research Grants such that we support the best scientists and engineers rather than “academics” – who practice the “oldest profession” chasing grant monies, publishing results, and doing “science” that may have nothing to do with the Truth. Fourth to restore Freedom, we must accept BIG TECH CENSORSHIP is real. Google, Facebook, and a few telecom providers monopolize our digital infrastructure. The only way out is to ensure that the US Postal Service does its job by providing us a 21st century digital commons with public email, social media, video distribution enforced by the First Amendment. Fifth to enable Health for all, we need to roll back the Safe Harbor provisions for GPOs and PBMs – middlemen who are allowed to give kickbacks and execute legalized corruption – that increases healthcare costs by nearly Half-Trillion Dollars. We can have amazing healthcare for all, but we need to lower the costs by eliminating this corruption.

Massachusetts 2020 – A NEW REVOLUTION. Massachusetts is where the American Revolution began. A Shiva 4 Senate victory in 2020 will herald in a much-needed New American Revolution to win YOUR FUTURE for Truth Freedom Health. Join Us. YOUR CHOICE: Freedom or Slavery!

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