Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Prepares to Sue University of Massachusetts


Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Colludes to Keep Real Indian Off Debate Stage

CAMBRIDGE, MA (September 6, 2018) – Attorneys for Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, have served the University of Massachusetts a legal notice asserting that the University has violated Dr. Ayyadurai’s First Amendment rights by excluding him from the debate stage.

For months, Dr. Ayyadurai’s campaign attempted to contact various media outlets seeking information about the debates but were informed that the plans would be made available only after the Primary of September 4, 2018. Yet, various news outlets reported within minutes of the primary results that Elizabeth Warren had already agreed to debate the Republican candidate in three pre-arranged debates, which Dr. Ayyadurai was never made aware of. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party colluded with the University of Massachusetts and media outlets to exclude Dr. Ayyadurai, who is popularly known throughout Massachusetts as the “Real Indian,” and the only real opposition to Elizabeth Warren.

A few days ago, a University of Massachusetts representative contacted the campaign seeking to send a letter about another debate that is curiously not listed as one of the three debates pre-arranged with Elizabeth Warren and the Republican Party. That letter invites Dr. Ayyadurai to a debate on the condition that he meet certain thresholds in public opinion polls. However, the recent public opinion polls conducted by MassINC Polling Group/WBUR as well as Suffolk University Political Research Center/Boston Globe both leave out Dr. Ayyadurai’s name from the most important question of whether voters recognize the names of candidates provided to them, despite the fact that Dr. Ayyadurai was polling well over 25% back in 2017 against Elizabeth Warren.

“The Establishment is ONE. The Democratic and Republican Party Establishment profits from War & Sickness. What we are witnessing right before our eyes is how the Establishment colludes against you and I, to stop any real debate on substantive issues to maintain their power. They want to ensure Elizabeth Warren’s victory, who is the darling of Big Agriculture such as Monsanto, a company that has single-handedly poisoned our children and the public’s food supply. She protects corrupt defense contractors, Big Insurance and Big Pharma of the military-industrial-academic complex. She is the puppet of Wall Street & Big Banks, who have destroyed over 1,200 community banks. Everyone knows, I would mop the floor and destroy Elizabeth Warren in any debate by exposing her for what she truly is. Rather than risk that, the Fake Indian has agreed to have a ‘debate’ with a Fake Trumper, who will serve as her punching bag,” said Dr. Ayyadurai.

The legal notice, attached, points out that Dr. Ayyadurai’s legal team will sue and file a preliminary injunction if the University of Massachusetts continues violation of his rights under the First Amendment.

Any inquiries can be directed via email to shiva@shiva4senate.com, or via phone to 1-617-631-6874.

  1. Charles Rolison says:

    How is it legal for Political Parties
    “Ralph Nader has called the presidential debates “the Khyber Pass to the electorate” because they offer the only opportunity for third party candidates to reach upwards of 50 million Americans at once.

    As the Green Party nominee for president in 2000, Nader routinely addressed huge audiences across the country. Yet “in one debate I would have reached more people, by 50-fold, than I reached by filling all the major arenas,” said Nader.

    This political “Khyber Pass” used to be controlled by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters, which gave serious consideration to third party candidates. But this angered Democrats and Republicans, who then teamed up to wrest control of the debates away from the League.

    The two parties accomplished this by creating the official sounding Commission on Presidential Debates in 1987. Within a year, this private nonprofit corporation had pushed the League aside and taken control of the debates.

    “What the Hell?”

    Third parties haven’t fared well since CPD took over.

    When George W. Bush debated Al Gore at the University of Massachusetts in 2000, the CPD had Nader physically barred and threatened with arrest for attempting to watch the debate via live stream in a separate auditorium.

    “My immediate thought was: What the hell?” Nader recounted in Crashing the Party.

    In the United States of America, I have a ticket to a public function at a public university, and without any cause or disruption, the authorities are throwing me out… See you in court, man.

    In Nader’s suit, it came out that CPD provided security with a “facebook” containing pictures of third party candidates and their running mates, who were not to be allowed in.

    CPD was back at it in 2012. When Barack Obama debated Mitt Romney at Hofstra University, the Green Party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates, Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, were arrested for attempting to enter the debate grounds.

    “It shouldn’t just be whether or not you have billions of dollars that determine whether or not the American people can hear about your platform,” Honkala said shortly before she and Stein were arrested and shackled to chairs for eight hours.

    Ross Perot Once, Not Twice

    Texas billionaire Ross Perot is the only third party candidate CPD has allowed into the debates, in 1992.

    CPD actually fought Perot’s inclusion, but was overruled by the major party candidates, George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Bush (mistakenly) and Clinton (correctly) felt Perot would hurt the other, so they told CPD to include him (at the time Perot was polling around seven percent).

    The 1992 debates turned out to be some of the most-watched ever, and Perot ended up finishing with 19 percent, the strongest third-party finish since Theodore Roosevelt in 1912.

    Four years later, Perot once again stood at seven percent and wanted in on the debates. But this time the major party candidates — now Clinton and Bob Dole — wanted Perot out, and CPD excluded him.

    After the 1996 election, Clinton advisor (now ABC news anchor) George Stephanopoulos discussed the backroom wheeling and dealing.

    [The Dole campaign] didn’t have leverage going into negotiations. They were behind. They needed to make sure Perot wasn’t in. As long as we would agree to Perot not being in it, we could get everything else we wanted.

    With a big lead on Dole, Clinton wanted fewer debates with fewer viewers. And that’s what he got. Instead of three presidential debates, there were two, scheduled opposite playoff baseball games. “We wanted the debates to be a non-event,” said Stephanopoulos.

    15 Percent

    As CPD has come under greater scrutiny in recent years, it has increasingly relied on pre-established criteria to determine debate eligibility.

    Since 2000, CPD has required candidates appear on enough state ballots to win (which isn’t easy), and register at least 15 percent in five national polls (which regularly don’t include them).

    No third party candidate has made it into the debates since CPD erected its 15 percent barrier.

    Despite its exclusionary history, CPD claims it’s open to having a third candidate participate in the upcoming debates. “It would be great,” said CPD co-chair Frank Fahrenkopft.

    Regardless, in this ‘Year of the Outsider,’ CPD’s barriers are likely to be tested as never before.”

  2. Watched you on the Alex Jones show and was blown away by your presence. You were discussing the US postal service and emails etc. Read your letter to the University of Massachusetts and was not surprised by the collusion on display by the fake two party system. You most certainly appear to be a man for the people and I truly hope you make it to the Senate. Good and excellent men, like yourself, are hard to come by. Hands down, you will wipe the floor with your incumbents, and they fear you. An alternative media gathering of the minds and the establishment of an alternative media consortium is the answer to battling these globalist MSM collusion artists. Dr. Shiva, you are well equipped for such an en-devour and with the assistance of men like Alex Jones and countless others, you can turn the tide on these globalist … dregs of society. Respectfully. GRAND JURY 9/11

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