2006 LogoCat – Collaborative and Distributed Brand Design

LogoCat, a collaborative and distributed marketplace for brand design developed and deployed by Shiva Ayyadurai

Creation of logos, branded materials, brochures, and websites can be an onerous task, especially for fixed price. LogoCat provided a new workflow process for supporting the concept, design and revision phases within a collaborative environment of designers, engineers and project managers to deliver rapid and cost-effective branded materials.

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2005 eMedics – Wellness in the WorkPlace

eMedicis is a HIPAA compliant system to support wellness in the workplace.

Workplace absenteeism can be lowered with providing employees regular diagnostics and preventative healthcare. A HIPAA compliant system is developed and tested to prove the viability to deliver private health information while aiding employers with key metrics for actionable events to support wellness in the workplace.

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