Vote for the candidate who cannot be BOUGHT, BRIBED, COERCED

Eric Trump has this to say on Dr.SHIVA: ““Vote for the candidate who doesn’t need the job. Vote for the candidate who cannot be BOUGHT, BRIBED, COERCED.”

Dr.SHIVA: The Future of You

Dr.SHIVA First on the Ballot for U.S. Senate Election from Massachusetts

Dr.SHIVA becomes the first candidate on the ballot for the 2020 U.S. Senate Election from the state of Massachusetts. The Shiva 4 Senate volunteers collected over 15,000 REAL signatures, not electronic ones to get him on the ballot.

Unleashing the Revolution for Truth Freedom Health in Minuteman National Park

Dr.SHIVA delivers the Keynote speech at Minuteman National Park in Concord, MA – where the FIRST SHOT fired beginning the American Revolution on April 19, 1775

Dr.SHIVA Collects His Own Signatures in Weston, MA

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai collects his own signatures with amazing volunteers in Weston, MA. Dr.SHIVA does not rely on committees to get signatures for getting on the ballot. A true American worker!

Apologies to Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren!

My apologies to the Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren. Look forward to working with you as the junior senator from MA!