Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Discusses the Solution to Big Tech Censorship

Very much enjoyed connecting with RSBNetwork at NH Trump Rally. They are REAL & GREAT. Excellent question from a smart interviewer: What is the first thing you would do when elected US Senator from MA in 2020? Hint: The REAL Problem in BIG Tech Censorship & the REAL Solution.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai on American Ingenuity

American ingenuity is about being resourceful, hard work & building things of high quality & low cost. Our bus exemplifies how we’ll work for you. P.S. My Masters degree in Visual Design & being a working designer also helps and saves our campaign $’s and time. Get on the BUS!

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Announces Decision to Run as Republican in 2020

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai announces his decision to run for the U.S. Senate elections in 2020 from Massachusetts as a Republican against Ed Markey. Dr. Shiva elaborates on why he came to this decision and also talks about his 2018 campaign.

ABL Interviews Dr Shiva Ayyadurai About Tech, Politics, Academics, and More!

Podcast Make America Debate Again Guest V A Shiva

Dr Shiva Ayyadurai Joins An0maly To Talk Marijuana, Email, Climate Change, Trump & Elizabeth Warren