Dr.SHIVA Collects His Own Signatures in Weston, MA

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai collects his own signatures with amazing volunteers in Weston, MA. Dr.SHIVA does not rely on committees to get signatures for getting on the ballot. A true American worker!

Apologies to Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren!

My apologies to the Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren. Look forward to working with you as the junior senator from MA!

Vote for the Candidate Who Doesn’t Need the Job

Dr.SHIVA at Nomination Paper release in MA for US Senate

Shiva Ayyadurai at North End Columbus Day Parade 2019

Fight for America! Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai leads Shiva 4 Senate volunteers at North End Columbus Day Parade in Boston, MA on October 13, 2019.

Exposing the Academic Industrial Complex. Need for REAL SCIENCE.

Dr. Shiva exposes the Academic Industrial Complex and the need for REAL SCIENCE in an interview with Tiffany FitzHenry.