A few weeks ago, we shared with you significant concerns about the “resume” of Mr. Diehl and his accomplishments. Mr. Diehl has positioned himself as a “Trumpster.” The fact is Mr. Diehl is misleading Massachusetts voters and delegates. In our earlier communication, we shared the fact that Vincent DeVito was the only Trump MA Chair. There was no “Co-Chair” as Mr. Diehl has purported himself to be, which he has widely circulated in his bio.

We also shared various photographs that clearly showed President Trump’s displeasure with Mr. Diehl. Most recently, Mr. Diehl, in response to our exposing him, posted on Facebook the following picture.

The above picture, according to Mr. Diehl, shows his closeness to Mr. Trump given the “handshake.” Mr. Diehl has not only circulated this photograph on Facebook, but also to others to get their endorsement.

We urge everyone to look at this picture CAREFULLY.

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