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YOUR civil and democratic rights are being violated by the Swamp in Massachusetts. YOU are being denied REAL CHOICE.

Right now, the Massachusetts Swamp is denying Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, “SHIVA,” who is running as an Independent for U.S. Senate to be on the debate stage, with the two other Republican and Democrat candidates, though he has fulfilled EVERY Federal and State requirement to be on the ballot.

The REAL TRUTH is: YOU are being denied CHOICE. YOU are being excluded from the debates. The Swamp wants to give you ONE CHOICE: the two-party system, which discusses the same old boring issues, taking the nonsensical left and right sides, splitting us up, and never really solving anything substantive, because they are controlled and driven by lawyer-lobbyists and career politicians who do not care or know how to really solve anything.

SHIVA represents YOU. Nearly sixty-percent (60%) of Massachusetts residents who are registered NOT Republican or Democrat, but Independents. His candidacy, if anything, represents the majority of Massachusetts citizens, who like YOU, Think Independent, and want to Act Independent.

SHIVA is not a lawyer-lobbyist or career politician. SHIVA is the man who invented email, a legal immigrant and American citizen, who holds 4 degrees from MIT, including his PhD, a Fulbright scholar, who started 7 companies creating thousands of jobs. He came to America in 1970 as a 7-year-old. SHIVA grew up in the New Jersey public school systems, mowing lawns, playing baseball, like every other American kid, and has worked hard to achieve and live the American Dream.

In Massachusetts, getting on the ballot, as an Independent is no small task. The last time an Independent was on the ballot was in 1936. To get on the ballot one needs to get 10,000 bona fide signatures certified by the Secretary of State of Massachusetts. SHIVA and his team of volunteers did the impossible by collecting nearly 20,000 signatures, and getting 12,000 certified to meet the critical requirement, without paying any professional signature collection companies, which is the common practice of establishment party candidates.

Afraid of SHIVA’s credentials, his ability to articulate, his sheer brilliance, and most importantly, his REAL SOLUTIONS, the Swamp, including the media, the MA GOP and the MA Democratic party have colluded to exclude him from the debates, and to deny YOU the chance to even listen to those REAL SOLUTIONS, so YOU can make a REAL CHOICE.

SHIVA has solutions to give YOU, REAL HEALTH, the best in healthcare, both preventative and crisis care, while lowering the cost of healthcare from $10,000 per worker to $2,500 per worker. His solution will bust up the collusion of BIG Insurance, BIG Pharma and BIG Hospitals.

SHIVA has solutions to give YOU, CLEAN FOOD by ensuring everyone has access to real, clean and nutritious food. That includes going after companies such as MONSANTO, which has single-handedly poisoned our food supply and unleashed genetically engineering foods (GMOs), which have NO safety assessment standards.

SHIVA has solutions to deliver YOU, REAL JOBS. We don’t produce enough skilled labor: engineers, doctors, electricians, plumbers, farmers, etc. He will work with those in Congress to unleash vo-tech schools across our inner cities.

SHIVA has solutions to take back the freedom YOU’VE given away, knowingly or unknowingly to monopolies such as Google, Facebook and the BIG Telecoms, who own your email, manipulate your behavior, and watch nearly everything you do, reducing us to a country of the few who HAVE privacy and the majority of HAVE NOTS without privacy.

SHIVA is a fighter. And, he will not let the Swamp do this to YOU.

SHIVA has sued the debate organizers in Federal Court. The hearing is coming up on October 19, 2018. Three debates have already been scheduled for October 19, October 21 and October 30 — none of which he has been invited to. He has high visibility among voters and is polling, even as documented by the biased polls, at 30% among those who typically do not vote, and at 20% among those who are very active voters.

His campaign is energizing an entire new voter base, which has historically felt disenfranchised — the forgotten people — like YOU.

As a signer of this petition, I demand that Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai as one of three officially listed candidates ON THE BALLOT for the MA US Senate race, be allowed on the debate all 2018 Senatorial Debates. Furthermore, any candidate that gathers the required 10,000 signatures to appear on the ballot for a general election must be given equal access to the voters via the public debates. In order for Massachusetts voters to lawfully exercise their constitutional right to vote, they need the opportunity to hear all official candidates articulate their views. We demand the organizers of the debates #LetShivaDebate. Sign the petition at change.org/p/umass-let-shiva-debate.