I hope this email finds you well.

You might think the British monarchy and its loyalists, who lost in 1776, packed their bags, got on a boat and left for England.

Not true.

They embedded themselves at places like Harvard, making Massachusetts their headquarters and have been running a systematic counter to what our forefathers fought for. These folks – a multi-racial “liberal” aristocracy – who think they know better than the American worker, who profit off Academia like Elizabeth Warren and who live off name and lineage like trust fund baby Joe Kennedy are headed to be the Democrats’ 2020 choice for President and U.S. Senate.

Are we okay with an aristocracy running us? Or should America be led by Americans – those who dream, work hard, build things, create jobs, and have struggled like you and me. The fight of our forefathers ain’t over yet!

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Until Victory,

Scientist. Inventor. Entrepreneur.