A very important issue concerning your freedom to choose on what is right for you and your children’s health is before us: Vaccines.

Career politicians have made this issue to be a pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine issue. It is not. The real issue is medicine now provides us with a range of interventions: food, drugs, surgery, exercise, vaccines, sleep, meditation, etc. The goal of health is to build a resilient body. Since we each have a unique body with unique backgrounds and unique needs, what is right for you may not be right for me. This is known as personalized and precision medicine.

As one of the world’s leading experts in personalized and precision medicine, the recent speech I gave to thousands of mothers at the recent V.I.E. event demonstrates how I will defend Truth, Freedom and Health on this complicated issue to ensure that your freedoms are not taken away, and most importantly, you get educated.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfhYuQ6Z_-A” mode=”normal” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”1024″ parameters=”rel=0″ /]

You deserve a Scientist & Inventor, Educator & Fighter to be in the Senate to win for you on such complex issues.

Join me and together we can win the Revolution for Truth Freedom & Health! Feel free to donate what you can, sign up for our mailing list, and/or volunteer to be part of our campaign.

Until Victory,

Scientist & Inventor. Educator & Fighter.