At a time of ugly race-baiting in politics, a good laugh is like a ray of sunshine. For the funniest candidate of the day, conservatives owe a big vote of thanks to a gentleman named Shiva Ayyadurai (pronounced ah-yah-DOO-rah) in the Commonwealth of Mass., a man who is both a real Indian (from India!) and a real American (from America!) – unlike Fauxcahontas Warren, the current senator from that benighted state.

So Mr. A. is running against Liz (Fakey) Warren for Senate, and naturally, the local leftist thugs are trying to shut him up.

Liz Warren is the most ridiculous senator since Foghorn Leghorn, because she is such an obvious affirmative action cheat. When anybody objects that she doesn’t have an particle of Indian DNA, her answer is to accuse other people of racism. (Of course!)

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