Recent calls for defunding or outright abolishing police (combined with simultaneous attacks on our Second Amendment) are a naked attempt to leave the American people defenseless. Let us be clear: the elites who use racism as a tool of control will always have their own private security. These elites control the mobs on the street through their corporate media and the astroturfed activists which they also fund. These controlled mobs will never be appeased. We must support good police against the mob. In addition, there are genuine improvements which can be made to policing and reforms that we can support for the mutual benefit of law-abiding citizens and law enforcement officers: such as using social workers for non-emergency calls to free up officers for tackling violent crime, increasing neighborhood watch programs to facilitate local coordination with police departments, ending no-knock warrants and red-flag laws which bring officers into direct confrontation with law-abiding gun owners and get innocent people killed.