Career politicians have ZERO solutions. They exist for their OWN existence. They thrive on creating FAKE problems and dividing us into “Left” and “Right.” You deserve REAL SOLUTIONS to REAL PROBLEMS.

As a scientist, inventor, and statesman, I will bring three skill sets as your next U.S. Senator: 1) A rational scientific approach to identify the REAL PROBLEM on any issue – beyond “Left” and “Right;” 2) An inventor’s mindset to innovate the REAL SOLUTION for that real problem; and, 3) A statesman’s skill to expose the FAKE PROBLEMS and find common ground to implement the REAL SOLUTION.

The Founders of America were men of the Renaissance and children of the Enlightenment. They were multi-skilled, committed to noble service, and never believed in being career politicians. Isn’t it time that you honored those Founders and elected representatives who embodied their skills, their ideals, and their commitment?

Like our Founders, I do not need the “job” of a U.S. Senator. I have worked hard all my life to become an accomplished scientist, an award-winning inventor, and a proven fighter dedicated to exposing the truth. For me, as an immigrant who came to America with nothing, I feel an immense sense of duty and obligation to give back and to SERVE YOU.

I promise to unite us, as Americans, around real solutions, beyond “Left” and “Right.”