Career politicians and corruption are destroying our infrastructure. The future is upon us, and our infrastructure is not. You, your children, and your children’s children need to elect those who will make the tough choices for the long-term, and not self-serving choices for their own re-election.

Our economy can be simply understood as follows: the government takes your hard earned money – taxes – and puts it into three buckets. Bucket 1 is for EQUITY (making things equal, welfare, food stamps, free stuff). Bucket 2 is for SECURITY (borders, EPA, FDA, regulations). Bucket 3 is for INFRASTRUCTURE (roads, schools, bridges, computer networks, electrical grids, water systems).

Now, when it comes to making legislative decisions, which bucket do your career politicians prioritize and choose? Since many of them didn’t have a real job before they got elected, their main priority is to get re-elected. This is why they always choose Bucket 1 first, and sometimes Bucket 2. They rarely ever choose Bucket 3. Choosing Bucket 3 may not get them re-elected but it will make sure you, your children, and your children’s children have a future. And, to top it off, if and when they do choose to fund infrastructure, the process is highly corrupt. They give contracts to their construction buddies, who fund their campaigns. This is why we get HIGH COST and LOW QUALITY infrastructure.

The truth is we are never going to get great infrastructure by electing career politicians. We need to implement technology that exposes and makes transparent the collusion of these career politicians and their corrupt friends. With one click, you should be able to know in real-time where your money is going and how these politicians are spending it so you can see for yourself how your future is being destroyed. Such a transparent technology at your fingertips will make you an enlightened electorate to vote for those who will futurize you and who will fund the 23rd century infrastructure you need deserve.