Career politicians have once again divided us when it comes to something as universal as the environment. We all want a CLEAN America with clean air, clean water, clean food. That is the REAL SOLUTION, one that unites ALL OF US.

As a life long environmentalist, my commitment to creating a healthier world is reflected in the actual innovations I have created and delivered for the world. For the record, here are some of my real accomplishments:

  • Creator of C.L.E.A.N. Food Certified, a global standard that values Safe, Organic, Non-GMO, High-Bioavailability, Nutrient Dense Foods.
  • Exposing the lies of Monsanto and the lies of Big Agriculture including the lack of Safety Assessment Standards for genetically engineered foods (GMOs).
  • Founder of Systems Health, a discovery that provides an educational platform to integrate Eastern & Western medicine for preventative, personalized health, and well-being.
  • Inventor of CytoSolve®, a technology that eliminates the need for animal testing in the creation of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and supplements.
  • Inventor of Email. Email saves 1.8 million trees per day.

As a working scientist, when it comes to the environment and the issue of “climate change” the REAL PROBLEM is pollution and the REAL SOLUTION is clean air, clean water, and clean food. Distractions from that goal divide us from our common purpose for a CLEAN America. 7 million people die every year from air pollution. Cancer and other diseases caused by poorly tested and harmful pesticides are real. Corruption is destroying our fresh water supplies as well as our oceans. Everyone should wonder why companies such as Monsanto focus on “climate change” while ignoring the reality of how their products create dirty air, dirty water, and dirty food.

Focusing on clean air, clean water, and clean food, directing our united efforts to lowering pollution, and inspiring our youth, entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers to innovate is how we come together, united, to solve the REAL PROBLEM of the environment. It’s time to unleash innovation to provide real solutions for a CLEAN America.