I have two big news items for you this week.

First, I have started a new podcast series called the SHIVA Be The Light podcast. The SHIVA Be The Light podcast will be an ongoing series. The first episode in the series is titled Born in India. Made in America. In this episode, I share my unique journey from India to America across East and West, Science and Tradition, Ancient and Modern.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=wWC1VdmbXIs” mode=”normal” align=”center” thumbnail=”5217″ maxwidth=”1024″ parameters=”rel=0″ /]

Second, I will be hosting the second Systems Thinking Workshop in Cambridge, MA as well as available LIVE on-line. Many of you have asked how I think, and how I take complex problems, understand them, decode them to then find real solutions.

I want to share with you a framework for thinking about complex systems: your body, our healthcare system, immigration, education, etc. I was fortunate to have had an upbringing of incredible parents, mentors and teachers at an early age, along with life experiences and an education that included 4 degrees from MIT that provided me that framework.

I want to now offer you that framework, which will allow you to discover Truth, Freedom and Health for yourself. It has taken me nearly 40 years to discover this method and to organize it into a 4-hour workshop. How we think determines what we do, what choices we make, and what we get in life.

The Power of Systems Thinking Workshop is my sincere gift to you for all the incredible support you provided me over the past two years. The invitation above allows you and your loved one or friend for admission.

Be the Light,

P.S.: Click the invitation to RSVP in case you have not done so already to let me know if you will be coming in person or join the live online stream. The online stream is private.