I wanted to share with you three aspects of the American journey: Immigration, Education, Innovation. All of us as Americans, either directly or through our parents or grandparents have experienced this journey. That journey is my journey and your journey.

Elizabeth Warren has lost sight of this American journey. My candidacy for the United States Senate is about reminding us what makes this country unique and great. My parents and I came from India with nothing. We immigrated to America legally and my parents were allowed in because of their incredible achievements and accomplishments. It was a merit-based system of immigration when we arrived in America in 1970.

I went through the process of education in the public schools of New Jersey where I excelled both in sports and academics. I was honored to be selected for American Legion Jersey Boys State. I was honored to have been selected to attend NYU in a special Computer Science program at the age 14. I was fortunate at the same age to have had the opportunity to invent email — the system as we know today. MIT gave me the opportunity to get advanced education in science, engineering, design and medicine. There, I earned 4 degrees, including my Ph.D. in Biological Engineering.

Immigration and education led me to innovation. Beyond the invention of email, I went on to invent many other things and started 7 successful high-tech companies in Massachusetts providing jobs to many. I continue to still innovate today as I run for U.S. Senate. My latest company, CytoSolve emerging from another one of my inventions allows us to discover medicines and drugs faster and cheaper. More recently, CytoSolve discovered a multi-combination therapy for Pancreatic Cancer which received FDA allowance in a record 11 months. My work as an innovator-scientist continues to discover new therapies for Cancer to Alzheimer’s.

I am not a lawyer-lobbyist like Elizabeth Warren. I am not someone who lied to get into Harvard like Elizabeth Warren. I am not someone who says one thing and does another. I am an inventor-scientist who came to America legally and earned his 4 degrees, and now wishes to give back and fight for you to solve problems to create the life you deserve.

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Declare Your Independence,