As an MIT PhD in Biological Engineering, the Inventor of Email, and U.S. Senate Candidate from Massachusetts, I led a local and national campaign to expose the fake science of Dr. Anthony Fauci. The campaign goal was to get 100,000 petition signatures exposing Fauci’s misguided focus on Vaccination vs boosting Immune Health.

The Shiva 4 Senate campaign led the collection of 100,000+ signatures. The team completed the task by delivering them to the President, driving our bus to Washington, DC and back. Our #FireFauci 100k+ petition signatures by the PEOPLE represent the movement for #TruthFreedomHealth bottom’s up.

Science and innovation were the engines that powered America to its greatness. Today, those two engines are under assault by the Lawyer-Lobbyist class. We cannot afford any more lockdowns and shutdowns based on fake science. America deserves someone like me – someone like YOU – a producer, a worker, an innovator who solves problems.

However, I cannot bring about change alone. I need your support – join me and together we can win the Revolution for Truth Freedom Health. Feel free to donate what you can, sign up for our mailing list, and/or volunteer to be part of our campaign.

Until victory,

Scientist. Inventor. Educator. Fighter.