What makes America great IS the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment ensures that We The People, can protect ourselves against an abusive government.

The video above shares my support of the Second Amendment and the lies created by Fake Science and the Fake News to blame guns as the source of gun rampages. The truth is, as scientific research shows, the Real Problem to such rampages is breakdown of the family, drugs, bullying, and teachers looking the other way.

Lawyers and career politicians like to blame guns to divide us into Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun. The Founders, unlike these opportunist and self-serving lawyers and politicians, wanted all of us to be able to defend ourselves.

Protect your rights! Vote September 1 for Shiva 4 Senate.

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Until victory,

Scientist. Inventor. Educator. Fighter.

P.S. I am traveling on the bus all over Massachusetts. Please check the Shiva 4 Senate events page here. Come meet me, get lawn signs and bumper stickers.

P.P.S. We have set up local Shiva 4 Senate digital communities that you can join and meet your neighbors in your local town/city. This page has a directory, find your town/city and join the WhatsApp group. It’s easy!