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Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Stops Harvard’s Selling of Tamil Professorship
Co-Founder of “Harvard Tamil Chair” Agrees to Pull Plug on $6 Million and Concurs with Dr. Ayyadurai That It Was Mistake to Fund Harvard

U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai has stopped Harvard University’s attempt to pilfer trillions of dollars worth of indigenous artifacts through the sale of a “Harvard Tamil Chair” professorship. Harvard sought to collect $6 Million from the Tamil diaspora worldwide, who had no idea of Harvard’s business model of selling professorships to fund its $35 Billion hedge fund investments. Tamil is the oldest surviving language with the richest body of poetry, art, and literature known to humankind, along with hundreds of thousands of sacred artifacts codified in palm leaf manuscripts embodying the scientific, technological and medical knowledge spanning at least 5,000 years of the Tamilians, the indigenous people of the Indian subcontinent, who today primarily reside in Tamil Nadu.

According to Dr. Ayyadurai, “The fundraising effort in the name of setting up a Tamil Chair is a ruse that exemplifies Harvard’s habitual exploitation of indigenous people. This is an egregious example akin to a burglar asking you to pay money to buy a rickety ladder to rob your own home. Harvard is asking Tamilians to pay $6 million for a professorship that will be used to rob their own historic artifacts worth trillions of dollars representing the ‘Holy Grail’ of the world’s most highly-prized indigenous knowledge.” Harvard will then proceed to use access to those artifacts to rewrite and hegemonize Tamil history, an unfortunate and recurrent process that Harvard has done for far too long to many indigenous cultures.

A Hedge Fund Masquerading as a University
Harvard’s financial statements reveal that the university is fundamentally a tax-exempt Wall Street hedge fund with cash and investments of nearly $35 Billion. In 2016 alone, Harvard’s capital marketing campaign raised $7 Billion, with its hedge fund in 2017 yielding $2 billion in gross profits. The operating budget further reveals that professors and administrators effectively serve as business development staff to attract wealthy donors to fund Chairs and professorships that finance their lucrative hedge fund. In 2017, as the Boston Globe reported, Harvard’s seven top hedge fund managers earned a total of nearly $58 million in compensation.

Dr. Ayyadurai said, “As these numbers indicate, Harvard is a hedge fund masquerading as a University, which perpetuates this facade by reinvesting large portions of its hedge fund proceeds to unleash propaganda that it is a ‘world-renowned’ institution of higher learning and scholarliness dedicated to advancing humankind. This branding attracts financing from well-meaning folks, compelled to ‘join the club’ so their children get preferential treatment when applying to Harvard and access to Harvard’s insider network. This dynamic is rarely discussed in the mainstream media.” Nearly one-third of the students admitted to Harvard are beneficiaries of a well-documented legacy and preferential admission system that is not merit-based but on “who you know” or who donated money.

Dr. Ayyadurai’s leadership in opposing the “Harvard Tamil Chair” has led to significant discussions on social media. Questions are being raised about why Harvard exists. Does Harvard exist as a center of research and learning? Or, does Harvard exist to enrich itself through its hedge fund activities? Given the historic value of Tamil, why didn’t Harvard fund Tamil studies with its own $6 million, particularly given that the amount would be a paltry sum (which would be less than one-tenth of one-percent of the $7 billion Harvard raised from its recent 2016 capital campaign)?

Harvard’s Victimization of Indigenous Peoples
Dr. Vijay Janakiraman, the co-founder of the Harvard Tamil Chair effort to raise the $6 million, claimed he was unaware of Harvard’s business practices until his recent phone conversation with Dr. Ayyadurai, who shared with him that Harvard is not only a hedge fund but also an institution that thrives on racism, corruption and exploitation of indigenous people. Dr. Janakiraman admitted he had naively believed that by donating money to Harvard, he was helping in the preservation and dissemination of the Tamil language.

Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas Victimization of Indigenous People

Harvard has a track record of destroying indigenous people’s heritage and culture by seizing control of their property, intellectual and otherwise. In 2011, an exposé revealed that Harvard used its hedge fund cash to take over land in Africa leading to forcible displacement of indigenous farmers. The Harvard Tamil Chair would have offered a gateway for Harvard to exercise control over the rare and ancient palm leaf manuscripts — the intellectual property of the indigenous people of Tamil Nadu. Harvard’s abusive treatment of Dr. Subramanian Swamy further exemplifies how they treat an indigenous Tamil scholar, who was dismissed for challenging Harvard’s party line. In contrast, Harvard uses its hedge fund profits to hire and retain Elizabeth Warren, who has never challenged Harvard’s exploitative practices. In fact, it paid her an exorbitant sum of $350,000 per year for teaching just one course.

The Harvard Office of the President was complicit with Warren, who shoplifted Native American identity in order to not just advance her career but also to benefit Harvard from Federal grants by misleading the government that they had a Native American on their staff. Warren went on to increase her net worth to over $10 million while the average net worth of African-Americans, segregated in Warren’s and Harvard’s own backyard in Cambridge and Boston, spiraled downward, as reported by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, to a meager and unbelievable $8 (“Eight Dollars”).

Dr. Ayyadurai’s timely involvement, fortunately, has been a relief to Tamilians worldwide, who are pleased that Dr. Janakiraman, after listening to Dr. Ayyadurai, decided to stop funding Harvard. Dr. Janakiraman told Dr. Ayyadurai, “You are the expert. Tell me what to do and provide me guidance.”

The Emperor Has No Clothes
Dr. Ayyadurai’s plan involves galvanizing the Tamil population globally to build the first online Tamil University at TamilNadu.com, a media property Dr. Ayyadurai has owned since 1993 and will donate to the cause. The finest Tamil software engineers worldwide are volunteering to build a 21st century digital platform that will deliver the Tamil language to all who seek to learn it, across various skill levels. This approach will be far different than “Harvard Tamil Chair” that would have provided, at best, a rudimentary pre-kindergarten knowledge in Tamil language. The online video of Jonathan Ripley of Harvard University purportedly teaching Tamil language is evidence of this. The vocabulary in his lessons is limited to a few words — yes, no, this, that, what, hand, leg, tooth, stone, bag, and milk — which is nothing more than baby-talk. The TamilNadu.Com platform will further provide universal access to the ancient manuscripts to advance all humanity, in contrast to enabling Harvard’s predatory practices.

There is also growing evidence that people behind the Harvard effort appear to be Hebrew language chauvinists in academia and their allies who seek to deliberately cover up the preeminence of the Tamil language by ensuring that they control the historical narrative of Tamil and reduce it to some “goo goo ga ga” language. A comparison of the Hebrew script with the Tamil Brahmi script will confirm that Hebrew script is based on the older Brahmi script, an uncomfortable fact for the Hebrew chauvinists who suppress this fact.

Dr. Ayyadurai stated, “Harvard is a predatory institution that leeches of taxpayers and needs to be busted up and returned to the public to serve as a community college, as it was originally intended. Their teaching model is medieval and dead, relying on egomaniacal professors who think they know better than the rest of us. The Department of Justice must investigate the racial and religious composition of Harvard’s faculty to determine if any single group is overrepresented due to its chauvinist hiring practices.”

  1. Sutharsan Rajendran says:

    This is the hidden truth and it revealed by our Mr.shiva… Hats off to u anna

  2. Roy George says:

    Dr Ayyadurai should be commended for his timely intervention in this matter to foil the designs of the Harvard “hedge funds” faculty. We should also support the efforts of the online Tamil university of Tamilnadu.Com platform.

  3. Rathish says:

    What you say is 100% right. But what scares me is instant pseudo social service activists sprouted out of no where in US were able raise huge funds. “New Minute” daily on Jan 2 published an article and mentioned few names namely including Kavitha Pandian, an NGO activist involved in misappropriation of funds collected in the name of supporting farmers and the funds never reach the farmers. The same team is involved in many fund raising activities in USA for eg. fund for harvard Tamil chair, Jalikattu protest, i support farmers and rebuild Kumari(for Ockhi). The recent front player is Bhuvana (an NRI), believed to be proxy of Kavitha who has close ties with Arapor movement who is under the disguise of youths but originally bjp supporters. Sadly 2G tainted Jegath Gasper is highly interested and involved in fund raising in the name of Tamil interest. He’s giving directions to the team and will soon see some million dollars.

    Besides, letting these people to work on our source code is blunder and its a right decision to stop this. Tamils are in full support of your decision and will stand by you….

    • Thanks alot Dr. AYADURAI. Tamil will survive because we still have great peoples like you. Bravo Dr. Ayadurai. Thanks alots once again.

  4. Gwyn Guess says:

    You are a breath of fresh air on arcane issues like this that are beyond the comprehension or investigatory skills of even people like myself. I was District Director for the Fair Tax for TN 9th District for many years until around 2004 when it was clear the whole thing was a lost cause. Yet that work caused me to become more savvy about how things work behind the scenes. People are SO busy just trying to put food on their tables and support their families, grow their businesses. I am retired, living on less than $1000/mo, but my free time and love of liberty has only made me an even stronger an advocate for the U.S. Constitution, as ORIGINALLY WRITTEN, and not the sham enacted in 1933, when this government became a Corporation under Contractual and not true Common Law. I would love for you to please–in the limited time you have–to look into the situation I reference above and in reference by another retired woman who is a hero in my opinion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcruyJTfnCQ&t=2920s
    You will have to scroll back to watch from the beginning, don’t know why, but It is phenomenal what this woman has done for the cause of Liberty and truth. Her name is Deborah Tavares and like me and many of the troopers for this cause, we are the old-timers who remember what was even then an illusion of liberty until this horror of Globalist moles have done to our country, I have sent your site to about 10 reliable people on my mailing list encouraging them to look at your credentials and who you really are. God Bless you, good man. Gwyn Guess Memphis, TN

  5. What to say…whom to believe…. Our world has become so selfish…. Survival is the fittest has got an another meaning in this world… Tamilnadu.com should find its place strong deep into its own place and viewed by rest of others in the world. New generations fists and shoulders to be more strong enough to fight to prevent our Tamil language and culture. Long live Tamil.

  6. Lakshmanan Sivanandam says:

    It’s a remarkable work Mr Shiva on exposing the scam on Tamil chair. Thanks a lot for making people aware of these kind of awful universities (corpo’rat’e’s), their shameful activities, and what’s happening behind the scene.
    Could you please explain what steps are in place to refund the collected amount ?

    Kind Regards

    • Prof .Dr.Nasirddin Jamaluddin says:

      The cat has come out through Mr Iyyadurai.We are unable know what is happening in Harvard University.As Chairman for MBA ,BHARATHIDASAN UNIVERSITY TRICHIRAPALLI, I have read many articles Business Management journals by subscribing Heavy fees.One of the highly priced product in the Business Management Syllabus.Now The ModusOperandi is to ROB.The same method will be followed for TAMIL CHAIR ALSO.MR Iyyadurai Sir what will happen to the Donations collected so far .?
      You are great to caution at least now .

  7. PvRajeswaran says:

    These revelations are not shocking to me.
    But one has to hear the other side -Harvard’s side – of the story.
    Please get Harvard to talk, come up with its arguments, with authentic proof of its activities
    Hebrew enthusiasts may play a game on Tamil. Quite possible, powerful as they are at Harvard.

  8. I was wondering why we need to pay to have a tamil chair, I thought university supposed to spend such amount to get researchers. Glad that some responsible person like Dr.Shiva able to shed light on the matter and averted self inflicted injury for Tamil. Long live Dr.Shiva.

    • Ramachandran says:

      Same here I have been wondering why would should pay and what exactly is going to happen with the money. No clear answer. What will Havard which we havent done before or a university research will grow this language. (There are n number of tamil research goes on in Indian universities. Any language will grow only when people use the language) many mindlessly beleive havard and 6 mil dollars will help. They think its a great cause and all running behind this. Sorry to say they will be disappointed but like many things they have to know this in a hard way. Thanks Mr. Shiva for bringing this to attention.


    Thank you Dr.Ayyadurai for your sincere efforts. Already this magnificent language is being decimated by the Dravidian parties of Tamilnadu and made to subserve English. Please ensure that the devious and crooked idea of Harvard is ripped apart.

  10. Jayakumar says:

    This is truly illuminating, mind boggling. I would like to hear the other side before making conclusions.

  11. Sureshkumar Muthiah says:

    Ohmy god. I have no words to praise Mr. Siva ayyadurai. Timely intervention to save Tamil knowledge and money. Hope your tamilnadu.com will reach out all our the world.

  12. Thangavelu Srinivasa rao says:

    I support Dr.Shiva exposing Harvard Tamil Chair fund raising campaign
    I have traveled one million kms around the world by bicycle and SUV I have collected data about our ancestors footprint across the globe
    Now I am in cambodia doing research on our tamil ancestors connections last ten years
    During our world tour we stayed Dr Shiva Ayyadurai House three months after that we never meet him
    I support shiva should lead Tamil community and protect our treasures

    • I play to our almighty to give you good health, protection and guidance in carrying out such a religious work. My body quivers when I learn such good people exist or perhaps it is God himself working in such good people like yourself and Shiva. Kriss – Auckland

  13. Dr Dan Nayager says:

    The origins of our world culture , language and humanity must be published in its true form with no discolouration from any source. Our world must understand the pure contributions of the Tamil culture to mankind. Let’s educate humanity and put the Tamil culture and people where they belong as the leaders of thought , global knowledge and global invention (the contribution of the Tamil culture to mankind ). Well done Dr Ayyadurai for your fearless intervention for our preservation
    …God bless you

  14. Premalatha Anand says:

    Dr. Ayyadurai , Thank you so much Sir.. Good souls like you will enrich and fortress the heritage and culture of Tamil .

  15. Nagarajan Ramamurthi says:

    Thank you Dr. Ayyadurai for your effort to stop the scam and come up with productive way to develop the Tamil language.

  16. RAJARAJAN.A says:

    I think world Tamil people should stand up together stragthen Dr.Siva’s hand n save Tamil language n its reach resources. Thanks Dr.Siva

  17. Prof .Dr.Nasirddin Jamaluddin says:

    The cat has come out through Mr Iyyadurai.We are unable know what is happening in Harvard University.As Chairman for MBA ,BHARATHIDASAN UNIVERSITY TRICHIRAPALLI, I have read many articles Business Management journals by subscribing Heavy fees.One of the highly priced product in the Business Management Syllabus.Now The ModusOperandi is to ROB.The same method will be followed for TAMIL CHAIR ALSO.MR Iyyadurai Sir what will happen to the Donations collected so far .?
    You are great to caution at least now .

  18. GOKUL KUNNATH says:

    I salute Dr. Ayyadurai for exposing Harvard and its history of bias and deception. Congratulations for pioneering innovative methods to protect and preserve the culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu.

  19. Such boldness can only come from an ardent truth-seeker. Shiva is living by his name. Blessed be his mother who brought him forth into this world to liberate the oppressed.

  20. Dr Ayyadurai Hats off to you for your intervention at the right time enlightened many on the Scam and the hard earned money donated by individuals and firms are saved. Let this money benefit RealTamil Language Development. Tamil Universities may create a visiting department at Few Countries and patronize Real Intended Chair like activities.
    Rathinam Chandramohan

  21. Vijaianand Thirnageswaram says:

    Hello, that really shame of Harvard but we know how the western companies work and no doubt Harvard is typical business entity. BTW, I expressed similar concerns and other avenues for us to build a great Tamil University for our future generations in my youtube opposing Tamil Chair few months ago.

  22. Sathiya murthi s says:

    Truth has come out finally through Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Like many posted earlier, I was also wondering why would such university demands for money. The cited business model appears to be true, though we need to hear the Harward side story, to interpret our own conclusion. But, thanks and salute for Dr Shiva bringing this hidden side to public. We should protect unbelievable wealth of our literature, culture by ourself. Tamilinadu.com is way to go. Great.

  23. க. தினகரன் says:

    Great Dr.Siva Ayyadurai. I have put myself in your shoes and seen/felt how hard and difficult it was for you to prove you are the founder of email. Every tamilian should be proud of this.
    Now, it is Harvard’s issue to be dealt with. I really appreciate your great effort and best wishes for Tamilnadu.com.
    Great soul like yourself are very much needed in India/TN .

  24. Sam Venkat Raman says:

    SAVE…the TAMIL chair from HARVARD..!!
    I salute Dr. Siva Ayyadurai for exposing shadow Tamilians hang over of Harvard which is a business corporation wearing an academic hat. If anyone donates $$$ they or their ward can enter the almamater. NAME..sells. Who are these movie actor torch bearers of TAMIL literature like Kamal Hasan and Madhavan. They may be skilled in acting and may be good humans but they came here for their brand name tie up with Harvard for their own PR. TAMIL..is the oldest language of our planet and spread all the way to Far East and even to Afghanistan (Kandahar) beside Malaysia, Sri-Lanka. Thanks to the valiant Tamil Kings, Tamil poets and ancient Tamil writers of eminence. Those who cannot recite one KURAL (out of 1330) or explain its meaning are hung up about the Chair for Tamil in Harvard. Those who read the history of anglo-saxen and Christian mission invasion of North and South America will know how Native Indian culture, Mayan culture, Peruvian and other civilization were wiped out and their generation knew only the Western /American culture. Sangam (Madurai) grown TAMIL does not need a Harvard hat to survive or for social status. If these Pseudo American Tamils (who converse in English during Tamil events) want an American Academy recognition for Tamil. Let the TAMILS (poor, illiterate, struggling) of our mother land be lifted from their misery and find a future as TAMILS. The DMK should not waste ! Crore (Rupees) throwing it to the drains of Harvard and use it instead giving scholarships to Tamils and build toilets in Villages of Tamilnadu. I had studied in Tamil Medium up to 12th std in Salem Dt. (mostly in poorly equipped Govt. School) and love my mother tongue TAMIL. During late thirties /early forties Adolf Hitler had sent a team of Scientists and engineers to India notably Tamilnadu (Chennapatinam) and the big Temple lost hundreds of palm leaves that contained valuable information on science, technology and health care. We do not need a Western certificate for our ancient Tamil. Instead HARVARD can set up a wing in Tamilnadu and fund research on TAMIL engaging our Tamil Scholars and promote the language.

  25. First of all, thanks for raising the important questions.
    Everyone must be asking questions.
    It is important to know before any agreement is done.
    We Tamil’s must take all necessary steps to make sure no information of our Tamil artifacts are being controlled, manipulated by any one other than Tamil scholars, who are committed to Tamil and and it’s honour.

    Tamil chair Inc needs to explain everything to the donors before signing any MOU with the university.

  26. s sundaram says:

    Kudos to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai for fighting Harvard hedge fund predatory culture. Elizabeth Warren is a “WOLF in Sheep’s clothes”. I congratulate you for stopping Harvard Tamil chair fundraising and instead helping build TamilUniversity.com
    Hopefully you will defeat Elizabeth Warren (the perfect HYPOCRITE) in the upcoming elections. Good luck to you !!!!

  27. Vijay K Pillai says:

    I am aware of appeal for fund from well wishers for the so called professor of Tamil at Harvard University few years ago.I had my doubt as to appeal for fund inspire of Harvard being a richest university. Impression I am getting is there is an under currant of depriving Tamil heritage This mustbe brought to the attention of President of Untied States of America as well as the entire Tamil community around the world to get to the the truth.

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