Bill Proposed by Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD

The 1962 Vaccination Assistance Act was based on an old science of the immune system. The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was a “Band-Aid” solution to fix the problems of the 1962 Act. Many people had misgivings of the 1986 Act, which indemnified vaccine manufacturers from liability. Solutions to address the problems of the 1986 Act have led nowhere but to a growing division of the Pro-Vaxx and Anti-Vaxx camps, without addressing the real need for optimal immune health that can only be personalized.

The current Pro-Vaxx and Anti-Vaxx movements operate on the premise to varying degrees that the State has the right to be involved in personal decisions of an individual’s immune health. For nearly two decades, Anti-Vaxx misleaders have corralled families and activists seeking health and well-being to the singular activity of negotiating with legislators on the extent to which the State will be involved in the immune health of the individual.

Modern science of the immune system demonstrates: 1. The need for Precision and Personalized Medicine – “One size does not fit all;” 2. The “science” of the 1962 Act was at best outdated – 60 to 100 years old – and at worst, “junk science;” and, 3. The lack of any real risk and safety assessment in vaccine development.

This Bill is based on a modern scientific understanding of the immune system and recognizes and honors, not the State, but the healthcare provider-patient relationship sovereignity as the vehicle for determining the optimal solution for an individual’s immune health. This Bill proposes a Real Solution for Immune Health by decentralizing decision-making on matters concerning the immune health of the individual to the sovereignity of the healthcare provider-patient relationship and eliminating the undue intervention of said sovereignity by the Federal Government so as to enable the delivery of modern Precision and Personalized medical interventions for advancing immune health & resilience.

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