In response to President Trump’s effort to dilute the Dodd-Frank Act, my opponent in the U.S. Senate 2018 race, Elizabeth Warren, has responded with a knee-jerk reaction, one that reveals a fundamental difference between her and me.

Elizabeth Warren believes she knows better. She believes that policies driven top down will prevail over decisions made by everyday people. I believe that voters know better. I believe that everyday people, who struggle and work and solve a myriad of problems, have the intelligence to make prudent choices in their local communities for their best interest. Yet, Warren uses words like “deregulation” as a slur to support her position. By using such empty rhetoric rather than facts, Warren, a person who belongs to the class of lobbyists and lawyers, exposes her lack of understanding of how the economy and the banking system function, and reveals her support for the few big banks becoming unfair monopolies.

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