The elites are clever with their masquerade. They outfit muppets – MDs – with white coats, embroidered name, collared shirt, tie, glasses and a smile so YOU trust and feel “safe” to accept fearmongering and their one-size-fits-all medicine, Vaccines. But, WE have awoken and see beyond their MASKS!

Our future – our health – our economy – our freedom is under attack and we cannot succumb to fascism brought to you by fear and Fake Science. Public health must move into the future. That future is personalized and decentralized – right medicine, for the right person, at the right time, determined by YOU and the “doctor” applying ENGINEERING SYSTEMS principles – so we move beyond the reactionary approach we are witnessing now.

The need of the hour is to boost immunity, not masks and social distancing. Only that can truly result in a healthy population. My video above teaches you 5 immune boosting activities you can do.

This entire fiasco to our lives was brought to you by the lawyer-aristocrat class. They do not deserve even ONE vote. Are you ready for Truth Freedom Health? Vote #Shiva4Senate on September 1, 2020 – Republican Primary – so we can get one of us representing us.

It’s time we win Truth Freedom Health. I need your support. Feel free to donate what you can, sign up for our mailing list, and/or volunteer to be part of our campaign.

Until victory,

Scientist. Inventor. Educator. Fighter.

P.S. I am traveling on the bus all over Massachusetts. Please check the Shiva 4 Senate events page here. Come meet me, get lawn signs and bumper stickers.

P.P.S. We have set up local Shiva 4 Senate digital communities that you can join and meet your neighbors in your local town/city. This page has a directory, find your town/city and join the WhatsApp group. It’s easy!