This week’s podcast is on Artificial Intelligence. Our upcoming Systems Thinking Workshop on Saturday, March 2, 2019 between 10am to 2pm will feature Immigration as a System. We will analyze Immigration as a System to discover a Real Solution. You are welcome to join us LIVE in Cambridge or online. I offer this 4-hour Systems Thinking workshop as a public service.

In the third episode in SHIVA Be The Light podcast series, I share with you the Truth about Artificial Intelligence. I share with you a much more deeper and comprehensive definition of Artificial Intelligence. Since 1981, I have been an active researcher and developer of A.I. technologies. Beyond my invention of email (in 1978), in 1993 I developed EchoMail, following my winning a competition to automatically analyze and categorize email for the White House. My recent invention, CytoSolve, is a powerful A.I. and intelligent system for modeling molecular pathways towards eliminating animal testing and discovering new medicines faster and cheaper. In this podcast, you will get a richer appreciation for A.I. and be asked a much more fundamental question: What does it mean to be human?

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Be the Light,

P.S. As I have shared before, I believe we need to move beyond “Left” and “Right.” Systems Thinking will provide you a framework to make sense of complex systems, issues and news stories to discover Truth and Real Solutions that you and your family deserve.