People like Ed Malarkey unfortunately have forgotten the America that my parents and I legally immigrated to, from India in 1970. My mom told me when we arrived that America is based on two principles: “hard work and the rule of law.”

I have been working since I was a 12 year old kid. I learned from hard working American working folks how to landscape, paint homes, deliver produce, code software and above all a commitment to excellence.

The U.S. Senate election of 2020 in MA demands we get back on track. MA is the brain trust of America. That brain trust deserves better than the likes of Ed Malarkey.

You have an incredible choice with me in 2020: a legal immigrant, an MIT PhD, Fulbright Scholar, a born fighter and activist, and a bona fide entrepreneur-inventor-technologist, who has created jobs and technologies, that have made thousands of peoples lives better.

I look forward to your support, either your time as a volunteer or whatever you can afford. Time is ticking, and it’s time that Truth defeats Malarkey. Join me to create a better future for you, that is based on science and innovation to deliver the Truth, Freedom and Health, you need and deserve.

Warm regards,

P.S. My direct number is: 617-500-1988, please feel free to call me if you want to know more. I will always be accessible to you.