A Harvard professor was recently arrested for colluding with the Chinese. American academia has by and large become the world’s oldest profession. Brilliant scientists find it hard to survive in the incestuous and corrupt world of modern Academia.

Academics run after grants, and grants, and grants. Universities use those grants to grow their endowments, which are invested on Wall Street like a hedge fund, while evading taxes. Our children leave burdened with student loans and little real skills and real education.

It’s time universities became places for real education and real science. This can only happen by ensuring that any university which receives your tax dollars: 1) Pay their full share of taxes on their endowments; 2) Have the universities cosign student loans so they become accountable for the “education” they provide; 3) Eliminate tenure; and, 4) Provide all of us – citizens – access to any of the experimental data they produce using our funding.

It’s time to restore Truth back into science.

However, I cannot fight this alone. I need your support – join me and together we can fight this enemy and win the Revolution for Truth Freedom Health. Feel free to donate what you can, sign up for our mailing list, and/or volunteer to be part of our campaign.

Until victory,

Scientist. Inventor. Educator. Fighter.